Muddy banks

  • Muddy banks

Liederen van zeelui en vissermannen uit Lincoln, UK.
Liam Robinson: Vocals, Melodeon, Anglo-Concertina and Bouzouki
Nils Koster: Backing Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Violin and Whistle
Tjikkie van Houten: Backing Vocals
1.   Humber Bell
2.   Grimsby Fishermans Song
3.   Noble Shinkin
4.   Bonny Ship the Diamond
5.   Betsy Walton
6.   Bold William Taylor
7.   Hey Ho Little Fishes
8.   Lincoln Hornpipe
9.   Spurn Point
10. Herring Song
11. Come All You Bold Britons
12. The WillowTree
13. Candlelight Fisherman
14. Three Score and Ten

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