Welcome here again

  • Welcome here again

Traditionele dansmuziek uit Lincoln UK.
De Liam Robinson Dance Band bestaat uit Liam Robinson (one-row melodeon, anglo-concertina, vocals), Tim Walker (percussion, cornet, flugelhorn, recorder, vocals), Nina Zagorski (piano) and Frances Kelly (hammered dulcimer, track 13) and Nils Koster (fiddle (track 13) and production)

1.   Louth Quickstep/Quickstep from Louth
2.   Burton Broom Dance
3.   Sheffield Fair/Grinders
4.   Welcome here again/Gibbons No.9
5.   Oats and Beans and Barley
6.   Miss Fisher's Hornpipe
7.   The Beavor/Gallop to Fulbeck
8.   Rosline Castle
9.   Congress at Laceby/Soldier Laddie
10. Acre of Land/Farewell ye green fields
11. Hannoverian Waltz
12. Wednesday Night/Mrs Hubbard's Reel
13. Market rasen quickstep
14. I want to be near you

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